Meet Mike Ferguson’s top technology pioneers

During our thought leader article series, we asked Mike Ferguson which thought leaders he admires the most. Mike felt that there were so many people that he could include in this list and gave us a fantastic insight into the people that he regards as technology pioneers. For those looking for an insight into the industry of IM, these are some fantastic influencers to research:

  • Ted Codd – he changed the world of computing in information management
  • Chris Date – he changed the world of computing in his ability to communicate what Codd invented
  • Michael Stonebraker – winner of the Turing Award. What a pioneer he is – Ingres, Postgres, Illustra, Vertica, Streambase, VoltDB, Tamr…..
  • Dr Hamid Pirahesh and Dan Wolfson in IBM Research – staggeringly bright people
  • Bernard Liautaud – for seeing the BI market opportunity so early and founding Business Objects
  • Doug Cutting – The creator of Hadoop
  • Phil Neches – Co-founder at Teradata for pioneering massively parallel query processing
  • Christian Chabot – Co-founder of Tableau for taking on the BI tools market when everyone said it was flat lining
  • Guarav Dhillon and Diaz Nezamoney – founders of Informatica

Mike Ferguson is an independent analyst and consultant specialising in business intelligence/analytics, data management and big data.

Which technology pioneers do you admire the most? Let us know in the comments below.

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