Meet Joel Bentley – Immersive Technologies

Joel has recently joined the US team to set up an Immersive Technologies desk. We asked him a few questions around his expertise, knowledge, background and motivations.

Tell us a bit about your background Joel
Academically my background is in 3D CAD. This helps me with a deeper understanding of the needs of the clients and candidates I work with. After exploring various careers and building up new soft skills, I found recruitment and haven’t looked back. I spent 4-5 months setting up an immersive technology desk, focusing on the research and clients. My passion for the Immersive & Creative sector helps me pick things up easily, and my ability to notice patterns and retain information well helps me keep on top of the knowledge I have of the market and technology.


Where would you say your expertise lies?
My expertise lies in everything 3D design related. Films, games, medical advancement…I’m fascinated by everything that goes on behind the scenes and I spend time researching and looking into the backgrounds and structures of companies and how they achieve their product. Setting up this desk at KDR is a real passion project for me. One day I would love to get good enough to do recruitment part time and complete some technical projects of my own on the side.


What motivates you and gets you excited about immersive technologies?
I love meeting creative people. Further down the line I aim to become an industry thought leader. I love the experiential nature of the technology – it’s the excitement it brings, the scope and the capability it has to entertain and help people. There are many examples within healthcare where this technology can improve people’s lives, Immersive Therapy for Autism, PTSD and Phobias for example. I remember the first example of this I came across in 2013, where DJ Fresh used brainwave recognition technology to help physically disabled fans create music with nothing but their minds. He got them to “think” music and it got me hooked – it was a real eye-opener to the capability of technology which led me to look into Immersive tech and BCIs. I love helping people – It’s deeply rooted in my DNA so this role in recruitment really gives me the platform to do that.


Where do you see it going?
The VR industry is set to grow by 1200% by 2027 according to many various sources. From what I’ve seen coming from new companies releasing innovative products, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that number surpassed. There is a lot of investment flooding into the industry and now is a great time to be involved. The world is changing, and immersive technology will be the leader. It will have its uses across training, defence, entertainment, social interactions, construction, e-commerce and so much more – we are just scratching the surface. I can’t see an area of life that it can’t make some difference. I have seen successful uses of data visualization on Wall Street recently and there are examples of VR in recruitment – showing its business capabilities already – in fact, there are workflow break throughs across all sectors.


What new skill sets are you seeing emerge?
The skillsets in the industry are from the film and gaming industry and the core of the experience is from gaming engines. The skill sets are not the issue for hiring as people are now learning the technology and a lot of people are transitioning from the already lucrative gaming industry, it’s the experience within the immersive technologies market that is in short supply. The demand is growing extensively, and I can see a point where there will be less talent than jobs and that is when the experience will become an invaluable commodity. Universities and other educational institutions are struggling to keep up with providing the latest skill sets and there are a lot of small companies competing for talent at the moment. People are attracted to the smaller companies for the chance to work on exciting projects and see equity in these projects’ return on investment in the future.


How do you work with clients and candidates?
I like to meet people and then understand what they are looking for. I like to work with candidates and understand their projects, if they have worked on creative projects or with a heavily artistic slant it works well to help people find roles. I really enjoy networking and talking deeply about new projects and helping my own understanding.
Equally, I love to meet new clients and understand their unique business needs. It’s exciting and fast-paced as every project is different, and every company is striving to provide the next big thing with their USP.


Why did you chose KDR?
I spoke to a lot of companies about the direction they were moving in as this is very important to me. I chose the US team at KDR because they are performing consistently. There is a great support system amongst team members and trust is important to me. The culture is great, and I like smaller companies because they are good for progression, and giving me the kind of independence, but also the support I need to figure out a new market, such as immersive technologies. Having fun at work is also important to me and it’s definitely a fun place to be. There is a real team ethic and everyone I have met is genuine which helps to make the place you spend most of your time in a dynamic and authentic experience.


Joel runs the Immersive Technology desk at KDR USA. If you have a project that you need talent for or are looking for an exciting project to work on, then get in touch:

P: +1 (267) 521 0498
E: joel.bentley@kdrrecruitment.com
W: www.kdrrecruitment.com


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