Looking for a new job? Boost your confidence and well being in the process

If you feel overwhelmed about moving jobs in the data, tech & analytic industry, you are not alone, starting the hiring process can feel daunting and a lack of self-belief is one of the biggest factors holding people back in their careers not to mention the stress and anxiety you may suffer along the way. In this article, we provide some tips to help you feel at ease before your next move in your career.

Be prepared

Is there such thing as being too prepared?  Have a strategy when it comes to your job search. Applying for dozens of jobs can feel satisfying at first, however having a clear strategy can be more successful. Start by assessing your qualifications and experiences and assure that every application reflects your biggest achievements. Be selective and choose roles that align with your standards.  Learn about the employer and their expectations to help with your strategy. This will provide you with the knowledge you need to self-assure as you go through the hiring process. It will boost your confidence throughout so you can gain a better feel for any new projects or opportunities.

Have you researched the standardised questioning on the industry and your role? Find out questions that are usually asked for the position in which you’re applying.  Remember that the interview is a two-way process. Not only are you answering questions from the hiring manager during the process you can ask open questions which will encourage better communication and interaction. This will show that you are interested in the job and will make a great first impression in the process.

It’s important to mentally prepare yourself too.  Have a fresh mind and go for a walk or a run or any preferred physical activity. Allow your mind to focus on you and what you believe you can achieve by stepping out for new career opportunities.

Reducing Stressors

Life can trigger stress and look for a new job can add to that. It can take up time and energy and push buttons but there are initial steps you can take. If you are feeling nervous attending an interview, then it would be best to practice some relaxation techniques beforehand. A lot of stress and anxiety are caused by bad planning being prepared and organised will lower your stress levels and keep your mind focused on the task at hand.

When we are stressed, our breathing patterns can change so it’s important to be aware when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. For many of us, there’s nothing more stressful than going to a job interview, so we know the importance of taking time to focus on remaining calm and professional before and during your interview. After all stress can impact the way, you present yourself and your body language. There are breathing techniques you can follow to help reduce your heart rate and allow you to remain calmer.

Positive Framing

It is so important to remain positive throughout this process, so it is best to get into a positive frame of mind as there is more to the outcome than the current negative. When preparing for your interview a good technique would be to picture yourself in the interview getting the job and be successful. If you visualise a picture of you being confident and prepared for the interview it will allow your self-image to amplify and will get you in better head space. You become what you think about, so stay positive and don’t allow any negativity to overcome you.  Stress around interviews is often influenced by our own assumptions about the hiring process Identifying these provoking thoughts can help lower stress and any anxiety.

Stay focused

It’s easy to distract ourselves especially when we find ourselves out of our comfort zone. However, when going to a job interview you need to stay focused because it will undermine your confidence. Speak slowly, in stressful situations people can tend to talk quicker but this could throw you and the hiring manager off. Think of your interview as an exciting challenge. It is something we all have to go through so it’s important to change your perspective as it is an opportunity for people to admire you professionally and that’s exciting. Don’t worry about things that could happen by remaining focused will provide a better structure to your task at hand.

Track and measure your successes

Throughout the hiring process, you may feel like an impostor, and one of the hardest things is speaking about your own successes. The metrics of your work can provide a way of tracking your successes. Bringing to life your successes will help you highlight this in the interview. This not only emphasises what you’re good at but allows you to set goals, achieve them and learn from any mistakes. This will help best prepare you for your interview because you’re continuously self-reflecting and know where your key strengths are.

Ask for feedback

Don’t wait and wonder about how well you have done as this will cause unrelated stress and throw you off. Don’t be scared of asking for feedback on how well you did. You’ll gain a better sense of your performance and the area that you may need to improve on. Effective feedback, both positive and negative will help you succeed and formulate better decisions. Whatever level of your career you are at, continued feedback is important to align with your development and increase performance. Knowing how you come across in an interview will best prepare you for the next one.

Guarding your mental health and well being

Communication is key for your ongoing support and feelings through the hiring process. If you are feeling overwhelmed speak out to friends and family. Take time for yourself and spend time doing things you enjoy (this isn’t selfish). Don’t allow the thought of an interview to scare you away, here at KDR we recommend you set time aside to do something that you enjoy. Remember don’t allow yourself to feel as though you won’t get another interview if for whatever reason you think you haven’t done as well as you’d have hoped. Studies have shown distracting yourself and doing something you enjoy can be a positive outlet for your emotions. Distracting yourself with an activity you love so you aren’t constantly going over the same scenario in your head is essential for your own wellbeing. It will reduce any overwhelming feelings and keep your mind focused.


Gaining confidence in your abilities within the data, tech & analytics industry can be challenging throughout the hiring process. There are steps to best help you and give you that important confidence boost. Make sure you prepare and understand the process. We’re all different but having some self-acceptance can help you feel more connected and confident. There is no need to put so much pressure on the interview and to normalise the situation will help you.

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