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In today’s world, technology has evolved to the point where as long as you have a device with an internet connection you can step into your office… Social media is at the end of our fingers and it would be unusual for companies to have no online presence. Social media has a major impact on how we communicate from a company perspective and as an individual.

We have the ability to communicate 24/7 if needs be. It helps us at KDR recruit all around the UK the Netherlands and the USA. We rely heavily on the various media platforms from our internal sources such as Microsoft Teams and apps like Horizon

This being said, in our everyday life, we would go into the office and communicate, thinking nothing of it.  But what if something was to happen? What if you can’t get into the office? For instance, Coronavirus…

This was a shock not just to us but most of the world. It has had an impact globally and ruptured the usual workday. Without technology would businesses be able to cope? Arguably some businesses must now utilise their technology and adapt it to the new normal… Working from home.

Many people will be new to this way of working. At KDR we already work on laptops which helps with this transition of not going to the office. The biggest challenge for us correlates with working from home and still maintaining that level of communication the office brings.

There are so many convenient ways for us to maintain a level of communication and involvement. Microsoft Teams is heavily used in KDR. Having private messages to your co-workers. Group chats, which comes in handy when team meetings are scheduled. Staying connected is really important and keeps the running of the business flow. Having an internal source does not only allow open communication however, but it can also still maintain business life.

Embrace working from home – Here are some tips  

Is this the first time you are working from home? It’s totally understandable if you feel anxious. Don’t think of it as a bad situation, stay positive. I would suggest setting a routine. The idea of working from home in your pyjamas sounds fun however give it a couple of days/weeks and it could be your worst nightmare.

Start by getting up at the same time as you would a normal day.

Get showered and dressed and be ready for the day.

Check in with your team! The chances are you will be on your own, not like in the office where you can engage in conversations with your colleagues. So, make sure you take time out of your day to interact with them.

Make sure you are taking breaks (This is a tricky one) You almost feel like you can’t take a break if you are working from home. But it really is essential to keep yourself motivated and to help you keep on going. Having these breaks will break up the day and help you complete the work set out for the day.

What might work for one person may not work for the next. Working from home is going to be different for everyone. You need to find a structure that works best for you. Think of the benefits; no commuting to work, no preparing your lunches the day before. If it works well it will be interesting to see how many businesses will utilise this new way of working. So, if you prefer the new way of working make sure you are making it work for you.

What home working tips can you share? Is this something you want to continue you with? How has your business adapted to working from home?

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Dale Elder

March 31st, 2020 View my profile

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