KDR’s scariest films…

This time last year we wrote about KDR’s top frightening films to celebrate Halloween, and seen as the Holiday is just around the corner we wanted to check if the KDR team still get scared easily.

Here are KDR’s 10 scariest films:

The Amityville Horror

“I don’t like the Amityville Horror because it’s a poltergeist and you can’t actually see what’s happening or who is there, plus it’s supposed to be based on a true story. Horrible!” – Amy

Amy also said her worst nightmare would be “moving into a haunted house”.


“I watched it when I was 12 at a sleepover and haven’t been able to sleep since… I’m now 25!” – Mike

The Ring

Ben wouldn’t tell us why he chose The Ring, we assume it’s because he is that scared of the film he won’t mention it?!


“Terrified myself watching this home-alone as a teenager on a dark night with the curtain open” – Mark

Mark also said that “it’s just the whole idea that there’s something evil out there in space coming to get you!”

The Cabin the Woods

“…just because” – Chris

Again, we’re guessing Chris isn’t a fan of scary films!

The Gift

“I prefer psychological thriller to ones that make you jump, and without giving anything away this film is still playing on my mind!” – Gemma

What do you think of KDR’s scariest films? What film scares you the most?

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