KDR’s Big Data favourites

Specialising in the Information Management and Analytics industry our recruiters are constantly immersing themselves in all things data. One of the biggest buzzwords for the past couple of years is ‘big data’ so we thought we would find out our recruiter’s favourite uses of big data…


“The data NASA collects is being used to predict climate change, find distant galaxies and verify theories. It’s exciting to think what NASA might be able to find in space” – Mike

Customer Service

“Coming for a personal experience I like how big data and analytics can help to improve customer service and ultimately my shopping experience!” – Amy


“Big Data can help football teams find the next best player by using technology and analytics” – Ben


“Big Data plays a huge part in each team’s race strategy, throughout the race weekend data is being collected from the cars to help them create it! – Gemma

Family Tree

“I like how big data is being used on sites like ancestry.com. The big data they collect and have stored in their database is allowing people to reconnect with family and learn about their family tree.” – Mark

Saving Energy

“Tesco collects data from its machines in store to predict when they may need servicing and repairing. This allows for better and more proactive maintenance, which cuts down on energy costs” – Chris

What is your favourite use of big data in the real world? 

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