Self-Development vs Career Development?

From a young age, we find ourselves being faced with a focus on getting good grades to pass our exams. All in an effort to progress on to the next step. But when does our self-development come into play? Education is structured academically, so when do we start to focus on our own abilities and personal achievements, because after all not everything is based around exams.

Self-development is a continuous growth of oneself and how to better yourself in all aspects of your life. Engaging with your inner self and learning who you are as a person and your direction will certainly carry over to your career path.

Focusing and knowing what your strengths and weaknesses are, can often go unnoticed. Is it just easier to get by and not face our strengths and weaknesses, or does life pass us by and we just adapt? Having the ability to focus and confront those head-on allow you to grow and develop.


So, how does self-development allow you to handle the pressures of your potential next step? This is not something that is set in stone, it is an ongoing process on your growth as a person. Making sure you have goals set and specific plans in place to reach those ambitions. After all, it is about one’s growth and progression, allowing yourself to explore and focus on building up your strengths and weaknesses.

Stay positive in your journey to develop yourself, the idea is not to drag you down with things you are not so good at. In fact, it is the total opposite, taking full responsibility of yourself and your progress allows you to improve on what you believe is necessary and pushing you out of your comfort zone.

By figuring out your own personal development you will be more of an asset to a company, you will not only improve on your weaknesses but develop your strengths. This is not me saying you must write down everything you want to achieve and overload yourself with all your ambitions. Have a plan set out, get to work with your first action and start from there, addressing your short- and long-term development goals.

Identifying your individual goals allows you to demonstrate professionally your key skills for your chosen career. Having the potential to put you above the rest, forever bettering yourself. Remember, self-development is an ongoing process throughout your life, therefore, enjoy the journey of who you are and what you are capable off.

Career Development

Career development will certainly fall under the same category as self-development and it is important to stress that there is not that much difference. You are still you; your knowledge and experience does not change when at work to when you are at home.

The difference being goals set for your self-development could be buying a house or getting into your fitness regime. Allowing yourself to focus on your career and get yourself working hard allows you more of a chance of a promotion to potentially achieve that goal of purchasing a house. Arguably they interlink with one another.

Career Development consists of having the ability to push yourself and learn. Asking for feedback from your peers and managers. Allowing an ability to listen and learn from your peers enables constructive feedback in the things your good at and your flaws. Striving to be better especially at work makes you more valuable, having those skills that you may not be so good at will allow you to develop.

Technology is there to assist you with new ways of learning. Signing yourself up for a course you are interested in or even developing your communication skills through platforms such as LinkedIn. Looking into setting goals to help both short- and long-term achievements, it is apparent that at work you must be proactive to help further your career.

It is important to focus on you, knowing your potential will accelerate your career growth. Having the initiative to be proactive and rising to a leadership position requires you as an employee to distinguish your blind spots and aspire to do better in order to continue your career rise.  Do not limit yourself and your ability. Knowing what works for you and what you want to achieve will allow a more natural career development prospect.

It may seem somewhat separate from your personal life however, put them together and you are allowing yourself to be in a better position to demonstrate your abilities and capabilities will make it clear for your employers. They can be considered to overlap because helping yourself personally will help your career progression and vice versa.

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Dale Elder

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