Is it time to move job?

Okay, so you might be thinking “of course you’re going to tell me to move job, you’re a recruitment consultant” and you’re right, it’s our job to find candidates for the roles we’re working on and sometimes that does mean finding candidates like yourself who have been in their job for a long time and might not realise they want anything new.

However, there are signs you are getting itchy feet at work and it might be time to move.

10 signs it’s time to find a new role

  1. You procrastinate

We all do it, procrastination is in human nature but are you finding yourself procrastinating more than you are working?

  1. You’re venting

Are you going home every day finding yourself venting about work to your better half?

  1. You haven’t progressed

Have you been in the same position for what seems ages and your company is showing no signs of helping you to progress in your career?

  1. Feeling the Sunday Night Blues

Do you dread the thought of going into work on Monday? Waking up, wondering if you can get away with pulling a sickie?

  1. You can’t talk

Do you find yourself wanting to speak up, but you know your manager or colleagues won’t listen?

  1. Outgrown the role

Do you find you aren’t utilising your skills to your full potential?

  1. Being undervalued

Do you feel like you never get praise but when something goes wrong, you’re the first to get blamed?

  1. Clock Watching

Are you always waiting for the clock to hit 5pm, watching the minutes tick down?

  1. You’re tired

Are you overworked? Is work making you feel stressed and mentally tired?

  1. You’re reading this article

If you’ve read and agreed with the previous 9 points perhaps it is time for you to switch jobs.

Making the right move for you

Moving jobs can be scary, especially if you are trying to decide on what is best for you. The best advice we can give is take your time, do your research and don’t rush into a new role that is going to make you feel the same way a few years down the line. And of course, speak to the experts!

As a specialist data, technology and analytics recruitment agency it’s our job to find your dream job. We’re not here to just place people in jobs, make money and stop caring as soon as we fill the role. We’re here to guide you and your career, to give you advice and we would never place you somewhere we think wouldn’t be right for you.

If you are thinking about moving job get in touch today for a confidential chat – call us on 01565 651 422 or drop us an email at enquiries@kdrrecruitment.com

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