Is Bigger Better?

Today, we have so much to choose from when it comes to our working life and where our ideal place is to work. Is just the salary enough for some people or do the benefits and the size of the business come into play as well? Every business works differently, what works for a big corporate business could be strange to a smaller company… This focuses my attention to whether going bigger is in fact better?

Going Bigger

Choosing a bigger company has its own ways of doing things, from the training to the way you are managed. The job itself will be more tailored, specifically for your intended role to give you the chance to be more specialised.


Working for a big company allows people from all different backgrounds to come together, meaning there is much to be learnt. These people will have a range of different skills and interests you can get on board with. This isn’t to say that diversity doesn’t exist in smaller businesses, but there is more likely to be a mixture of people due to the amount of people that work there.

Bigger companies can provide better benefits and packages due to the revenue and scale they perform under. Having such a well-established brand on your CV will potentially move you further up the ladder, as it indicates a well-trained individual with a wide range of exposure. Not to mention the many different departments within the business that can give you the chance to move around and try different job roles out. Take advantage of that!


Implementing change can be a lengthy process, and with the many different levels of a business, it tends to be the higher up you are the more change you can potentially make. So, don’t feel to disheartened if you put forward a change and it hasn’t gone anywhere yet.

Ever heard the saying “too many cooks spoil the broth?” If other teams aren’t working well enough it can bring the quality of the work down overall, despite your best efforts. Larger businesses tend to have this issue, simply because of the volume of staff and the many people involved in a task or activity.

Going Smaller

Like how a bigger company operates, smaller companies have their way. More exposure to and around the business which provides a personal touch to everyday working life.


Smaller companies tend to flourish with the right people and culture. Every person has a contribution and being smaller tends to be more noticeable if someone, for example, would have a day off.

Going smaller allows everyone to work a lot closer than you would within a bigger company. Having the ability to voice a concern and directly speaking to each level of the business will result in a much faster movement. The success

of an individual is definitely more noticeable in a smaller team and having recognition from the boss is a bonus! Resulting in opportunities to further your career.

Not to mention the advantages of being able to develop a real understanding of the business as a whole, the role you play within it, and how it impacts the business. Comparing this to a bigger company as previously said you are one of many people in those teams, personal attributes would be warped into a team suggestion or department.


Smaller companies need people who can get their hands dirty as there is less tailoring to a job a role and you would tend to contribute in a lot more activities. If you are not willing to go out of your area of expertise, then a bigger company with a clearly defined role would be best suited for you.

Smaller companies and startups are riskier than larger, well established brands due to the threat they fall under. It could be said they are a lot more vulnerable to the wider world and they can be disrupted at any time. Circumstances that are out of their control such as natural disasters, or staff off due to illness tend to have a bigger impact on daily activities as it would on a bigger corporation. They lack the investment and have a lot more on stake with the pressure to be successful.

Is bigger better? It’s not for me!

Here at KDR, we are always looking for ways of changing and making our working environment better. In fact, just last week Georgia suggested having duvet days which are being implemented. What could have taken weeks of approval at a big company may take a conversation at a small one.

Having around 30 employees we all know one another, your colleagues become a second family. 8+ hours a day together having this small community of people allows us all to build on personal relationships, I love it and it works perfectly with who I am as a person. I consider myself very bubbly and outgoing, I massively take pride in the relationships I build and at KDR, it allows me to do just that.

At the end of the day, bigger or smaller depends on where you feel best suited. It can’t be stressed enough that you spend 8+ hours at work and if you thrive in a smaller close-knit place then small companies are for you. However, if you prefer a more corporate setting with a more defined job role then going bigger is better. Remember it’s not just a wage package at the end of the month, think where better you are suited and where you can thrive.



What are your thoughts on bigger vs smaller? Would you recommend working for a smaller company


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Amy Saulino

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