How to attract the best talent

In today’s competitive jobs market how do you ensure the best talent will want to work for you? And how do you become an employer of choice in your industry?

Attracting top talent takes time and effort but it is definitely worth the investment. After all, the people who work for you are the key to the success of your company.

From many years’ experience of recruiting in the information management sector, we know that the best candidates will be looking at several options and they will also be confident in their skills and abilities.

We want to make sure they make the right move, and we will use all of our expertise to guide and advise them appropriately. But, while we have influence, this isn’t the only factor that will drive their final decision. An organisation’s reputation as a business and an employer plays a huge role, so whatever the size of your organisation, it is really important to make sure you think about how you appear to the outside world and market your company in the best way possible.

Be clear on your values

Candidates aren’t just attracted to a job because of a role; they want to know that they will also fit into your organisation, so it’s important to have a clear set of company values. We conducted our own exercise with the KDR team and it was really interesting to find that we all pretty much shared the same values, which reflects how we deal with clients and candidates. Once you are clear on your values promote them internally, encouraging staff to share them. Also ensure you make them visible externally, such as on your website and in company literature, so that people interested in working with you can see if they may be a good match culturally.

Show what a great place it is to work

Potential employees will look at your online presence, so what you are putting out there should be carefully managed and your organisation should be visible in all the right places. Try to provide as much interesting content as possible on your website – this is your chance to showcase your organisation to potential candidates and show them how you compare to the competition and what it is like to be part of your company. Let potential employees see your organisation’s personality, culture and style so they get a feel for the working environment.

Be creative in your online presence

People engage online in different ways, so make sure you take a creative approach to your online presence, which will also help you to stand out from the competition. A mixture of written information and podcasts as well as comment representing the different people involved in your business, will all help you to stand out and better connect with potential recruits. Consider testimonials and career updates by staff, and look into how you could introduce a regular blog, which may feature staff posts as well as those from relevant experts or suppliers. New and interesting content can also be shared through social media such as LinkedIn or Twitter. You can read more on “creating a good impression through social media ” in our blog.

Demonstrate your vision

What is your company vision? Where is the company going? Where do you want to be in the future? By being open about your plans for the future, potential employees can see where their role fits and how they can be part of your plans in the long-term. Demonstrate your vision online and verbally at any interviews. Also be clear about the potential benefits a candidate may gain as a future member of your workforce. If you have company perks, excellent benefits and a very structured career development programme make sure that you share these, helping to boost your reputation as a good employer.

Reputation matters

Once candidates have met you and been in your organisation, they are likely to spread the word and share their experience with friends and family, both in person and through social media. The main gripe from candidates is often that they don’t hear anything following an application or interview. Ok, they have probably worked out they have not been successful, but positive, constructive feedback and thanking them for taking an interest in your organisation makes all the difference between a good experience and a negative one.

How do you attract the best talent? We would love to hear your advice in the comments below

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