How is big data used in the real world? Part 2

As more and more big data is being created around the world it is being used in thousands of different ways. With its uses constantly growing last month we asked the KDR team what their favourite uses of real world big data are and we were inundated with responses – so much so we couldn’t fit it all in one blog.

As the second part in our series the KDR team tell us more of what they think is the best way big data is used in the real world.

Saving the Planet

In the first part of this series recruiter Mike told us about how NASA use big data in space, this time he turns his head to Earth and how big data can be used in conservation. Conservationists around the world have been using big data for a number of years to better understand the planet and help conserve and save it. With better analytics coming from new technologies that are constantly evolving, or even being created, and crowd-sourced information the conservationists are able to make better, more accurate decisions. From tropical rainforests, endangered animals in Africa and polar bears in the Arctic this really is an exciting time for conservation around the world.

Finding the Best Players

Big data can play a big part in a football team’s strategy but can it actually help them find the best players? Resourcer Ben told us about Scout7, a football database that helps teams and managers choose and discover the best players. The system allows the manager to track a player’s performance, view their game stats and watch videos of them playing. In 2015 it was estimated that around 138 clubs were using this technology to discover the latest talent and this number is sure to be rising. Gone are the days of scouts at the side of the pitch it can now all be done on the cloud.

Beating Poverty

Can big data be using to help beat poverty in the developed world? Recruiter Amy believes it can. In 2009 the United Nations (UN) set up the initiative ‘Global Pulse’ to bring together leading data scientists, governments and other professionals to show how big data can be used to better understand human well-being and protect vulnerable populations from shocks and disasters in real-time. New technologies and analytics can also help charities and aid plan more effectively when a disaster happens. The data that is being collected can be used to show where improvement is needed and where the most vulnerable and poor are in the developed world.

Winning the Race

And finally one from myself. We have written about it in the past but my favourite use is how big data is used in F1 to help a team decide on their strategy. Throughout the race weekend data is being collected from teams to help them create their (hopefully) winning strategy for the race on Sunday. Even during the race data is being collected from multiple sensors on the cars, the sensors can give feedback on the tyre degradation, fuel consumption, brake temperature, along with many other things. Whether you’re a fan of the new hybrid era or of the noisier V8s F1 seems to be becoming more and more about data and strategy and it will be interesting to see what direction Formula 1 will take in the future.

Whether you agree with these uses being the best it is easy to agree that big data is being used in almost every aspect of life and its uses are only growing. Here at KDR we are always on the lookout for new, emerging technologies and data, read part one of our ‘How big data is used in the real world’ series and tell us what you favourite uses are.

What is your favourite use of big data in the real world? Let us know in the comments below.

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