How far does data and analytics go and what can it do for you or your business?

Having worked in recruitment for a number of years I have recently joined KDR Recruitment focusing within the Data Analytics sector. I have always been a fan of analysing the finer details to my work but what I have learned about Data Analytics since joining KDR is on another level.

Sport Analytics

Data Analytics is everywhere and the less it is noticed the better it has been done. Firstly, let’s talk about sport.

The days where you rock up to a football pitch and get the instructions ‘go and play lads’ are long gone. SkySports Monday Night Football gives a real representation of how the game has changed, with every pattern of play being analysed with further pass accuracy, crosses, dribbles, tackles won, chances created, chance conversation, goalkeeper distribution, player positions and so much more – all through Data Analytics.

Motorsport is one sport where data analytics play a crucial part. My colleague recently wrote an article on how Formula E is using not just data analytics but also the Internet of Things to drive the sport forward and give teams a competitive advantage.

Usain Bolt – an unlikely name within this blog I know but have a look at this video which analyses his running pattern for his world record 100m sprint.

And let’s not even start with Golf!

Everyday life

So, if this is a snapshot of Data Analytics at the most elite sporting level what about our day to day lives or work?

Are you a Netflix subscriber? Ever wondered about the % match for your next programme, yep Data Analytics & AI!

There are loads more too; Google search completing your sentences, Facebook suggested friends, fitness apps, TripAdvisor selecting restaurants based on your travel, Google Maps assessing traffic problems based on your real time GPS Data, buying clothes online using previous data – the list goes on.

Data Analytics really is changing the way we live our lives. Everything we do or use impacts the way businesses and companies use big data to drive decisions which ultimately drives not just our purchases but our lives.

How important is it?

So how important is Data Analytics and are businesses using Data Analytics to its full potential?

One article from Forbes mentions 56% of businesses are adopting Data Analytics to help progress their companies. We see large corporate businesses looking to improve user journeys through analysing their data accordingly.

Working within the data and analytics recruitment space I see my clients utilise data every day, the demand for talented candidates with the right skills is always on the rise and shows no sign of slowing down. With the demand so high, companies are realising the impact big data and analytics can have on their business and in return improve their product or offering for the customer.

As the uses of data and analytics grow and consumers begin to expect personalised recommendations and data driven tools, data analytics are only going to become more important to businesses and consumers alike. I’m excited to see how data analytics are going to continue to change the world.

Does your business see the importance of data analytics? How do you think they are changing your life?

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