Hiring in 2017

This time last year we wrote about our 3 best recruitment resolutions for 2016. One year on and our advice hasn’t changed much but now we are in 2017 we’ve given our resolutions a bit of an update…

With the New Year upon us more candidates are on the market, with January being one of the busiest times for job hunting. Good candidates with the right skills are highly sought after in the Information Management and Analytics industry so how can you hire the best talent, and make sure the best talent wants to work with you?

Move Quickly

It is essential that you take your time when finding the right candidate as you don’t want to rush into hiring the wrong person, however when you do find the ‘perfect candidate’ it is important to act quickly in order not to lose them to a competitor, you really should be showing your commitment to your future employee as early on in the process as possible.

Showing your commitment and company culture throughout the hiring process is crucial. Even just a quick email or phone call to follow up from an interview can show a candidate you are interested, if everything is quiet and the candidate doesn’t hear anything they may assume you’re not interested or they have been forgotten, and they will quickly move onto another role.

Build Relationships

Building relationships is always important when hiring for new talent, whether this be with your chosen recruitment agency or your current employees. Your existing employees can be your best asset as they act as ambassadors for your brand. If they are happy in their job it will show, whether this be through word of mouth, networking or social media, your employees are more likely to shout about working if they are engaged and feel valued.

Building relationships with your recruitment agency can be one of the most important factors. In order for them to find you that perfect candidate you need to be open and honest about your requirements, staffing needs, the job role and even your company culture.  By allowing them this insight into your business they can narrow down and find the right people for you.

Show Off

If you are proud of your company culture and your employees there is no harm in showing off a little, the only way a potential candidate will know if they are a good fit is if you shout about it. Naturally you should be proud of your achievements and should highlight these as part of the ‘selling’ process; doing so will help you stand out from the competition. Remember to bring your company culture to life throughout the recruitment and hiring process!

Your social media and marketing presence can also be a great way to shout about your company culture and the benefits you offer employees. Your social media can be a great platform to showcase what makes you different from competitors. And as we mentioned previously your employees can also act as brand ambassadors on their personal social networks.

Whatever your hiring strategy is this year it is important to remember that while you are searching for the right candidate, they are searching for the right company to work for. By keeping that in mind you can attract and retain the right people for you.

Are you recruiting this month? How do you make sure you attract the best talent?

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