Data Use vs Data Need: What should your business be prioritising?

Every business is different, with different priorities. How one organisation collects and uses data may not work for another. However, across industries, sectors, and companies there are definite trends of how data is and should be used.

In our 2020 survey we wanted to find out just that, where companies are using data and where they think they should be using data.

Are companies using data in the right place? What is driving companies to collect and analyse data?

Take a look at the Infographic below comparing where data is being used vs where data should be used or download the full survey results here.

Where is data being used?

It’s clear that the customer is still driving how and why businesses collect data. As more data is being collected year on year, we are only going to see this need and demand increase.

To read more about why and how businesses are using data and for the full survey results download our ‘Change is on the horizon: The state of data 2020’ whitepaper today!

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