Data Scientists vs Data Analysts

Data. It fuels the most successful companies in the world. With the amount of data being collected, many companies are quick to hire data scientists without understanding their businesses needs. As recruiters in the data, technology and analytics industry we have seen the rise of this role and the shift from traditional data roles.

It’s not surprising that a data scientist is the first option many businesses try to recruit for, after all it is the ‘sexiest job of the 21st century’. However, what many companies don’t actually realise is in the first instance they probably need a highly skilled data analyst, not a data scientist.

The main differences

Fundamentally the differences between a data scientist and a data analyst comes down to the role they will play in the business.

The Data Scientist

While analysing and presenting data, a data scientist will be looking at the unknown, searching for something that cannot be easily seen and where a desired business objective has not been set. The data scientist helps the business look towards the future, enabling better data driven decision-making.

The Data Analyst

Also analysing and presenting data, a data analyst will help to look for new perspectives analysing already available and ‘old’ data. A data analyst helps to identify business needs and bridge the gaps in data quality.

The right choice for your business

There is a lot of crossover in the roles, both will add value to your business, but making the right decision is vital to understanding and completing your business objectives.

Why you should hire a data scientist

If your business has huge amounts of data that needs mathematical and statistical tools applied to extract knowledge and insights a data scientist is for you. A data scientist will have the ability to build statistical models that will help make decisions on this information. The data scientist will become a thought leader for your business.

Why you should hire a data analyst

If your business has specific data that needs analysing, extracting and presenting a data analyst is for you. By writing queries in the data, the data analyst will help to answer business questions, objectives and create better decisions. Generally, the majority of businesses need a data analyst.

Understanding your data and how it aligns with your business goals is key to success and hiring the right data role is the best place to start.

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