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How to be a stand out Data Scientist

I’ve been working in the industry of information management and analytics for over a year now and I have come across many different professionals, one role that always spikes my interest is that of a Data Scientist. The role is… Read More

Creating the perfect CV

When applying for a job your CV is the first point of contact so it is essential you get it right. As a recruiter I see hundreds of CVs, some good and some bad, no CV is perfect but it… Read More

How to upskill in the data industry

The information management and data industry is ever-changing and it can sometimes feel like it is hard to keep up with the latest news and trends. Keeping your skills up to date is key to continue to move in the… Read More

Recruitment: It’s a two way street

I’ve been working in recruitment for 3 years, throughout that time I have come across plenty of “perfect candidates” as well as those deemed “difficult”. It’s true that recruiters and our industry in general don’t have a great name, but… Read More

Starting a new job through a recruitment agency

When opportunity knocks… So you’ve been speaking to your favourite recruiter, they’ve secured you a fantastic role and your prospective employer has offered you a position after you’ve performed well in the interview process but what do you do now and… Read More

Stepping into Project Management

I’ve been working in the project management space for a while now and have placed a fair few PM’s, mainly at a senior level, however I was interested to find out how the people I have placed went about getting… Read More

So you want a pay rise?

You might be thinking about getting a new job – but is it for the right reasons? Many people leave their current role to go somewhere with a higher pay, but if that is your only reason for wanting to… Read More

Breaking into the data industry

Working within recruitment in the information management and analytics industry many of the candidates I come across are well experienced in their chosen field but how did they get where they are and how can someone who is just starting… Read More

How important are soft skills when applying for a job?

Working for a specialist recruitment agency in the Information Management and Analytics industry means many of my candidates have strong unique skill sets in their chosen field. Having the right experience, degree or knowledge is essential when applying for a… Read More

How can you negotiate the 3 month notice period?

As recruitment specialists in the Information Management and Analytics industry we often come across the 3 month notice period. We tend to speak to candidates at the very early stages of their job search, and from our experience many of… Read More

The struggles of gaining stakeholder buy in

I speak to candidates in the contract market day in and day out, and one common occurring theme I have found is that many of these candidates struggle to get senior stakeholders on-board regarding proposals or suggestions that they may… Read More

5 of the best apps to help contractors get organised

As a contractor how can you use apps to help stay organised? We list our top 5 mobile apps to help contractors manage their day-to-day operations. 5… Read More

5 Great Resources for Women in Tech

With so much being written on the topic of ‘women in tech’ these days, I wanted to share some resources for anyone who might be looking for career advice, networking opportunities, or other helpful information. Here are some of our… Read More

Data conferences you can't afford to miss in 2016

2016 stands to be an exciting year for the Information Management and Data Analytics world! With the development of new technologies and inspiring thought leaders and influencers paving the way for the industry, there’s plenty to keep up with. Take a… Read More

Meet Mike Ferguson’s top technology pioneers

During our thought leader article series, we asked Mike Ferguson which thought leaders he admires the most. Mike felt that there were so many people that he could include in this list and gave us a fantastic insight… Read More

How to organise your job search to maximise return

Navigating a turbulent employment market can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but by following a few simple steps you will begin to feel more empowered, taking a more focused and efficient approach to your job search. Starting out Before… Read More

The best advice for aspiring thought leaders

In our Fourth instalment in KDR’s Thought Leader series we spoke to our three top thought leaders: Howard Dresner, Mike Ferguson and Chris Bradley, to get some advice for any aspiring thought leaders out… Read More

The real responsibilities of a thought leader

For our third article in KDR’s Thought Leader series we focus on the responsibilities and the opportunities that being a thought leader can give you. We are lucky enough to have been able to present our questions to three of our favourite… Read More

Have you been in your job for too long?

Imagine you’ve received CVs for two equally qualified candidates. The only real difference between them: one has never stayed at a job for more than 18 months, and one has been in the same role for 10 years. Which would… Read More

How to write a great CV

Any Google search will present thousands of results for tips on writing a great CV. But no-one understands how to present yourself on paper better than recruiters. After all, we see hundreds of CVs every week and hear direct client… Read More

Do you have what it takes to be a thought leader?

The second article in our Thought Leader series takes a look at what is expected of those holding the thought leader status. We asked our top three thought leaders, Howard Dresner, Mike Ferguson and Chris Bradley what they… Read More

What are thought leaders made of?

As a specialist recruitment agency to the Information Management and Analytics world, we follow industry thought leaders to keep up to date with trends and industry advances. We are always fascinated with the quality of information and communication coming from… Read More

Our advice for a successful job interview

The short time you spend at a job interview could have a dramatic effect on your career prospects. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Here are our top tips for a successful job… Read More

"I hate my boss." How to manage your manager

“I hate my boss.” How many times have you heard someone say that? Maybe you’ve said it yourself? It’s all too common. In fact, recent research has suggested that people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. It’s not the fact… Read More

Job interviews - Questions you could ask, and what you may be asked

Asking questions at your job interview is a sure fire way to demonstrate your interest in the job and the research you’ve done. Here’s a selection of questions you might want to ask your interviewer, together with questions they may… Read More

Get organised with the best apps for contractors

Being an independent contractor can mean freedom and flexibility – but it also means becoming your own business manager. So in addition to providing your highly specialised skills to clients, you must also take responsibility for tracking hours, billing and… Read More

Sure-fire ways to weigh up company culture

When looking to take the next step in your career, many factors can make it onto your wish list. One of the most common discussions is about finding a job within a company that has “the right cultural fit”. You… Read More

Our guide to services for contractors

If you’re thinking of contracting, either for a few months or as a career, there are a few things to decide before you take the plunge. In our contractor services section, you’ll find out more about umbrella companies, forming your… Read More

Should you tell a recruiter where else you’re interviewing?

What exactly should you tell a recruiter? You may not wish to unveil your darkest secrets to them but any recruiter doing their job properly will want to fully understand your intentions before they represent you to their client. This means… Read More

Are you a slave to email?

“Too many emails.” It’s a problem we all share, and one of the biggest complaints in the modern workplace. Yes, email is an invaluable tool, but our over-reliance on it as a method of communication has reached a critical stage. Read More

What’s the buzz on buzzwords? It’s time to let go of IT jargon

We’re reaching out to align our communication strategies by drilling down and cascading relevant information on effective jargon solutions. Or, put another way: we want to talk about management speak. You know the terms we’re talking about: Touch base. Going… Read More

5 warning signs of a rogue recruiter

Your opinion of the recruitment industry will most likely be shaped by your personal experiences of it. Just one instance of running into a rogue recruiter that cuts corners and leaves you in the dark is unpleasant enough to make… Read More