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Software Engineering jobs

Software Engineering Jobs

KDR recruits software engineers for a number of our data technology clients. A software engineer is someone who designs, develops, maintains and tests computer software. KDR places software engineers ... read more
Data Science jobs

Big Data & Data Science Jobs

Big data and data science jobs are positions that need people with skills in database analysis and predictive analytics. Typically working with unstructured data, big data and data science professiona... read more
Sales Jobs

Sales Jobs

KDR recruits for sales people for our data technology or services clients. We recruit sales people at all levels from sales executives up to sales director and VP of sales or business development. Sal... read more
Project management jobs

Project Management Jobs

A project manager job involves pulling together all of the people and processes needed to make a project run smoothly. A project manager will be involved in defining and communicating a project plan a... read more
Marketing & Insight Jobs

Marketing & Insight Jobs

Market and insight analysts gather and analyse data on consumers and competitors. KDR recruits marketing and insight analysts to study market conditions to examine potential sales of a product or serv... read more
Information Management Jobs

Information Management Jobs

Information management jobs can be broken down into a number of main areas: data governance which is a discipline dedicated to the people and processes needed to understand what data is owned by an or... read more
BI & DW Jobs

BI & Data Warehousing Jobs

KDR recruits business intelligence and data warehouse jobs for a number of our clients. Business intelligence (BI) is the use of technology and techniques by organisations to analyse the business info... read more
Data Architecture Jobs

Data Architecture Jobs

KDR recruits for data architecture jobs on a regular basis. A data architect is an expert in data architecture. A data architect designs, creates and deploys an organisation’s data architecture.... read more
Analytics jobs

Analytics Jobs

Analytics jobs include the disciplines of data analysis and predictive analytics. Data analyst jobs involve using techniques and processes to enhance productivity and business gain. Data is categorise... read more

USA Jobs

KDR has been recruiting data and analytics professionals for American data-led companies since 2016. We recruit data scientists and data engineers as well as data sales people for companies in New Yor... read more

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