AWS vs Azure vs Google Cloud

Where is the market heading with cloud technologies? Which Cloud technology will come out on top? Amazon Web Services? Microsoft Azure? Google Cloud Platform?

All 3 technologies are in a close competition for leadership within public cloud computing. As it stands now AWS is the current market leader with Azure following closely behind. Each technology provides a similar service but all with their own different strengths:

Amazon Web Services

A 12-year-old platform. Dominant in many features like configuration, monitoring & security and others. It also has extensive, mature offerings, enterprise-friendly services and a global reach. It is a platform with continuous growth and currently unmatched capabilities.

Microsoft Azure

A 7-year-old platform. Azure is Integrated with Microsoft tools with a broad feature set. It also ranks first in development and testing tools working with an open source support & hybrid cloud.

Google Cloud Platform

A 6-year-old platform which provides an open source support and portability. It also has discounts & flexible contracts, Designed for cloud-based businesses & DevOps expertise. It has industry-leading tools in deep learning & artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics.

A Multi-Cloud Approach

It is also now coming clear that companies are starting to take a multi-cloud approach by increasingly using more than one Vendor.

Most often paired up together is AWS and Microsoft Azure, with these cloud service providers often being tied to existing data centres and private cloud assets.

Also, it’s interesting to see the market share split of AWS having 62%, Azure having 20% and Google having 12%.

How long do you think it will be for all companies to move to the cloud? Which technology do you see on top in the years to come? Let me know your thoughts below!

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