Are you losing top talent?

There is plenty of advice out there telling you how to recruit the best people to your business, how to attract the perfect candidate for your role and make sure you are winning the best data and analytics talent.

While it’s great to know how to do things right, we think it’s even more valuable to learn what you are doing wrong.

Good data and analytics candidates with strong technical skills are in very high demand, (we should know – we speak to them every day!), so what are you doing that is putting them off from starting a new job with you?

Are you moving slowly?

It’s understandable to take your time when deciding on who to hire into your business, you certainly don’t want to rush the process, hire the wrong person and have to start the process again a few months down the line. However, you don’t want to be doing the opposite by moving so slowly the candidate has had the opportunity to accept another role.

As candidates are highly sought after the likelihood is your perfect candidate is probably another company’s as well. If you are moving slowly you run the risk of losing your candidate to another company that is moving quicker and showing more commitment.

It’s important to keep the process moving, even if there is a delay you need to keep the candidate informed. Sometimes a quick phone call or email explaining the delay can be enough to show the candidate your commitment, and that they haven’t been forgotten. You don’t want to wait a week before the first contact after an interview.

Are you breaking relationships?

Relationships are always important when hiring new staff. It is essential you maintain any existing relationships, whether this be with your chosen recruitment agency, current employees and even ex-employees, throughout the recruitment process, and if the relationships do break down try to end them on a positive note – a negative Glassdoor review can go a long way (as can a positive one!).

If an employee is leaving listen to their reasons why. The majority of the time it is not a personal attack on you, so by listening and engaging with why they are leaving you may learn about internal issues you didn’t know about before. If your ex-employee leaves on bad terms you don’t know who they know, and word can travel quickly in our industry.

It’s also important to maintain a good relationship with recruitment agencies. In order for your agency to find the best candidates for your role we need to understand your needs, and the only way we can do that is by you being open and honest with us. Giving an insight into your business is the best way for any recruitment agency to understand your company culture.

Are you being modest?

Okay, so no-one likes a show off but if you’re trying to get a candidate to accept an offer at your company and not another one you need to show they why! Show off a little, be proud of your business’s achievements and highlight your company culture throughout the entire process. If you are offering a candidate a very similar role and salary to another company, it’s your culture and business that is going to persuade them to work for you.

Use social media and your marketing to showcase what makes you different. Just like you are most likely going to do a quick internet search of your candidate, they’re going to do the same to your business. Before any candidate goes to interview, we always advise them to research the company first, this is when they get the very first insight into your business.

So, whether you trying to build a new team or expand on an existing one, you need to get the hiring and recruitment process right to attract the very best candidates first time. Avoid these mistakes and you could find yourself having to choose from the perfect data and analytics candidates.

Have you ever lost a candidate to another company? How do you make sure you attract and retain the best talent?

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