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KDR is deeply committed to behaving in an ethical and sustainable way, and we take full responsibility for the unavoidable environmental impact our business creates. That’s why we greenify. Our Team’s carbon footprint is offset though nature-based carbon credits that compensate for our greenhouse gas emissions. And for clients who share our commitment to positive climate action, we offer them the ability to greenify their new hires.

Greenifying a hire funds a bundle of world-class environmental assets that offsets the eco-footprint of one person for one year, in terms of carbon emissions, plastic pollution and global deforestation footprint. Here are a couple of the projects the Greenify scheme supports.

Rimba Raya in Borneo covers 65k hectares of carbon rich peatland forest and has been targeted by palm oil producers. Thanks to the scheme this area is now robustly protected and the indigenous people and nature are learning to co-exist once more.

Indonesia is bearing the brunt of the world’s pollution and its seas are clogging up with plastic. The scheme supports Project Laut Yang Tenang which funds a network of wastebanks, collection services and informal waste workers who intercept MLP (multi layered plastic) before it reaches the ocean.

This approach goes beyond traditional sustainability protocols, and delivers a real and measurable contribution in the fight to avert a climate crisis.


Greenify your Hires

Via the Greenify partnership we are able to offset your hires should you wish to have access to this service.

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