5 compelling reasons to choose retained talent recruitment


When it comes down to hiring the right talent for your business, it’s important to get it right. It can take a lot of time and money, if you have a key position to fill, attracting the wrong type of talent can cost you so much more.

One way you can get support through the recruitment process is by partnering with an expert recruiter on a retained basis. Retained recruitment usually works best for hard to fill niche roles, team builds or mid to senior roles.

The Best Hire

Retained recruitment and executive search is not only about attracting and engaging, but also retaining talent once hired. Your recruitment partner will have the network, the tools and understanding of the right approach for your business and hire(s). Armed with these resources your recruitment partner can improve the chances of attracting, engaging, hiring, and retaining the right person to your business.

The process will identify hires that are the right mix for your organisation with regards to experience, skills, and knowledge, along with that all important cultural fit. It’s not about how fast the roles are filled. Depending on the role, the process may take longer to ensure you attract the very best. Retention rates of people hired via a retained search tend to be higher because of the process deployed during the recruitment phase.

Bespoke Service

 Retained recruitment ensures you get the most dedicated service from a recruitment specialist. The approach will be tailored to your hiring needs and a strategy devised to achieve that or those hires. Your dedicated retained search agency will focus in on your role or roles and the consultant is more accountable for each stage of the process. It goes beyond searching for the right candidate, they can manage talent mapping, employer brand messaging, deal with all communication, any delicate situations as well as negotiations.

Build Relationships

 With many of the hires identified for retained search being of strategic importance, clients find that relationships with their search partner can become some of the most valuable forged. As stated above it isn’t just about finding you the right candidate it’s also about building long term relationships. By working closely together client/agency relationships build to create an environment of trust, transparency, collaboration and growth. Time enables a mutual understanding for both parties and makes the process much smoother.

Accessibility & Mapping

The best retained search agencies have a clear understanding of the sometimes, niche mix of skills on the market. They continually map the talent in the market, opening up this knowledge and network to your business.


A good search agency will have the resources to help you with your goals towards a more inclusive organisation. There are many components to changing your recruitment processes to be more inclusive. Understanding the nuances of what can affect the success of a more diverse recruitment strategy underpins a successful strategy.  At KDR we started from the inside out, we put all our teams under a diversity and inclusion training programme to ensure we are knowledgeable and articulate as well as skilled in this area.

Do you need a Retained Talent Recruitment solution?

When you have that all-important role to fill in your data, technology or analytic function, using a retained search service can be a very effective way to move forward.

KDR Search service is a data, technology and analytics-driven talent acquisition and retention solution for hard-to-find talent. We understand where the talent hubs are, how to take your brand to market and have worked with client’s to successfully fill team builds, hard to find talent, and mid-to-senior positions across the UK, Europe and the US. Our teams have successfully built relationships with clients and their personal networks to help you make the right connections for your strategic hires.

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