4 different uses of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is growing rapidly, it’s changing our homes, commutes and working lives. Some of the IoT products we have integrated into our world are a bit subtler, allowing us to change the heating in our homes remotely or track our health through watches and connected apps, but some products are a bit different.

It seems that nowadays most products can be turned into an IoT device, so what are some of the more different and bizarre uses of the Internet of Things?

Smart Shoes

Similar to how smart watches can allow the user to track their steps, heart rate and more, ‘smart shoes’ can also do this for you. Wearable tech has been a talking point for a while now as more brands look into the technology and smart shoes are the next step. Some of the shoes on the market even ‘talk to the wearer’ when they are not moving to give them more ‘motivation’ to exercise.


Coffee machines are now being connected to the internet and our phones. Certain machines can be accessed via an app on our smartphones which allows us to turn the machine on remotely. This device uses Bluetooth and when commanded by the user starts to brew up.


This is one area where devices are being created all the time and one product that has already hit shelves is the ‘smart egg box’. The box will store your eggs for you, tell you which one is the oldest, which are out of date and how many you have left, all through an app on your phone. The only thing left to do is for the box to actually order eggs from the supermarket for you.


Another industry that is taking the Internet of Things by storm is our pets. Some dog collars now come with the IoT, these collars have inbuilt thermometers to track heat levels and fitness trackers (just like human smart watches), the information is sent to the owner via an app and can warn them via text if the dogs health isn’t right.

It’s not just wearables for pets though, the IoT can also feed them. For cat owners who can’t be at home often there is an IoT enabled feeder that dispenses food when the owner asks it to, it can also come with a camera attached so the pet owner can watch it all on a livestream.

These are just a few examples of some of the more bizarre uses of the Internet of Things, but there are plenty more. The IoT is really being incorporated into our daily lives and one day we may see everything as being connected.

What is the strangest Internet of Things device you have seen? Do you think all these products need to be connected to the IoT?

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