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How big data is being used in recruitment

Big Data is rapidly growing. Research over the past two years by IBM suggests that 90% of the data in the world has been created since 2014. It’s no wonder big data is affecting every industry, and recruitment… Read More

Top 6 Information Management and Data podcasts

The Information Management and Analytics industry is ever-changing, and working in the industry can mean you are constantly busy leaving you no time to catch up on the latest data news and trends. While social media and news sites can… Read More

Staying afloat in the sea of Information Management and Analytics

When it comes to Data and Analytics, you need to move with the times. Ours is a fast-paced industry filled with innovation and investment, we truly are living in the Information age. To massively capitalise on the ever changing environment… Read More

The rise of technology and fitness

I’m the first one to admit I spend a lot of my time in the gym and I always want to know how well I’m doing as well as tracking my personal bests. The rise of wearable technology and the… Read More

Big Data and the Olympics

4 years ago the Olympics were held in London and were dubbed the first ‘big data Olympics’. Over the course of the event 15 terabytes of data were collected every day from fans around the world. As the… Read More

Who is the Data Manager of the future?

This time last year we wrote about what will define the data manager of the future, based on our 2015 survey and white paper ‘The state of data 2015’. Last year we identified that our respondents thought influencing, long… Read More

Top data events and conferences in August

Any of you that follow the KDR blog know we love learning new things and developing our industry knowledge, one way we love doing this is through events and conferences. The KDR team have attended plenty throughout the… Read More

Recruitment: It’s a two way street

I’ve been working in recruitment for 3 years, throughout that time I have come across plenty of “perfect candidates” as well as those deemed “difficult”. It’s true that recruiters and our industry in general don’t have a great name, but… Read More

White paper: The state of data 2016

Adrift on a sea of data: The state of data 2016 Following on from the success of the 2015 whitepaper ‘Not waving but drowning: The state of data’ we conducted an industry survey to see how the use… Read More

How is big data affecting you?

We’ve written quite a lot lately on big data and how it is used in the ‘real world’. While we find it interesting to know how big data is being used in space or in sport we think the… Read More

Big data and gaming

I am a self-confessed gamer, so naturally working within the Information Management and Analytics recruitment industry I am interested in how big data is changing gaming. In my initial research I was amazed to find out that the gaming industry… Read More

Starting a new job through a recruitment agency

When opportunity knocks… So you’ve been speaking to your favourite recruiter, they’ve secured you a fantastic role and your prospective employer has offered you a position after you’ve performed well in the interview process but what do you do now and… Read More

Top data events and conferences in July

Industry events and conferences are a great way to stay up to date with the latest trends and news in world of Information Management, Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT). For anyone that follows the KDR blog… Read More

Pokerbots – can they be beaten?

As a keen poker player I love the thrill and excitement of playing against my opponents and beating their hand. I recently spent 2 weeks in Las Vegas to play in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) but when I’m… Read More

How is big data changing football?

Football is one of the most popular and richest sports in the world and therefore it’s no surprise that Big Data is being used to better understand and advance the famous game. An example of this is where Big Data… Read More

10 ways big data is used in the real world

Big data is the latest buzzword for businesses and information management professionals. As more data is being collected across the world we took a look at our personal favourites of how big data is used in the real world. Read More

Stepping into Project Management

I’ve been working in the project management space for a while now and have placed a fair few PM’s, mainly at a senior level, however I was interested to find out how the people I have placed went about getting… Read More

So you want a pay rise?

You might be thinking about getting a new job – but is it for the right reasons? Many people leave their current role to go somewhere with a higher pay, but if that is your only reason for wanting to… Read More

How can you hire for company culture?

Demand for skilled candidates in the Information Management and Analytics industry is high. Many companies are competing to attract the same talent so the last thing you want is to hire the wrong person and have to rehire again in… Read More

How to network effectively in data

In my 4 months at KDR I’ve had the opportunity to network and immerse myself in Data and Information to learn as much as possible and speak to some of the greatest minds in our industry! In a sector with… Read More

Top data events and conferences in June

For those of you who follow our blog you will know that at KDR we love industry events and conferences. Over the past few months several of the KDR team have been attending events and meetups including Business Rocks, IRM… Read More

Breaking into the data industry

Working within recruitment in the information management and analytics industry many of the candidates I come across are well experienced in their chosen field but how did they get where they are and how can someone who is just starting… Read More

How the Internet of Things is changing the world around us

The Internet of Things is vastly changing our world, whether this is at home, in the car, at work or even in the street. Gartner has predicted that by 2020 20.8 billion devices will be connected and some… Read More

How important are soft skills when applying for a job?

Working for a specialist recruitment agency in the Information Management and Analytics industry means many of my candidates have strong unique skill sets in their chosen field. Having the right experience, degree or knowledge is essential when applying for a… Read More

How is big data used in the real world? Part 2

As more and more big data is being created around the world it is being used in thousands of different ways. With its uses constantly growing last month we asked the KDR team what their favourite uses of real world… Read More

Why use a data recruitment specialist?

No matter what industry you are in finding the perfect candidate can be a struggle, this is particularly true in the data and Information Management industry as this is a highly skilled driven market many of the candidates are passive… Read More

What is the state of data in 2016?

Last year we identified the trends of data management and the challenges of implementing Information Management strategies. After receiving some great responses our ‘Not waving but drowning, the state of data 2015’ whitepaper was created. Now we’re in 2016… Read More

Top data events and conferences in May

Events and conferences are a great way to stay up to date with the latest news and trends in the data industry. They can allow you to network with likeminded professionals and colleagues, input your opinion and discover new technologies… Read More

7 unusual uses of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is changing the world around us; smart cities are becoming the norm as are smart houses. Most people even use IoT products in their daily lives by tracking their health through their watches and smartphones. More… Read More

Is there a danger of companies having too much personal data?

It’s a common occurrence in the news that we see yet another company has had their data leaked. Only last week we saw another case, the BBC reported that a huge leak of confidential documents had revealed how… Read More

How is big data used in the real world?

It seems like big data is the hottest trend at the moment, most major companies are already working with it and those that aren’t want to be. It is constantly evolving and being used in almost every aspect of life… Read More

How can you negotiate the 3 month notice period?

As recruitment specialists in the Information Management and Analytics industry we often come across the 3 month notice period. We tend to speak to candidates at the very early stages of their job search, and from our experience many of… Read More